1. Getting Started

Button Introduction
  Placing a Call
  Placing A Call on Hold
  Transfer A Call
  Conference Calls
  Hands Free
  Adjusting the 3 Types of Volume
  Setting up your Voicemail
  Setting up Voicemail with no physical phone
  Checking your voicemail from an offsite phone (includes cell phone)
  Changing outgoing message (including previously used phones)
  Managing Voicemail With No Physical Phone

2. Intro to Menus/Internal Directory

How to Enter the Menus
  What are the 3 Buttons Under the Screen? (softkeys)
  Making a call with the Internal Directory

3. Web Interface

Launching Internet Explorer
  Logging into the Web Interface
  Changing your password
  Voicemail Offsite Notification
  Call Forwarding
  Change Ringer Tone
  View and Print Systemwide Directory
  Setting Up Custom One-Touch Speed Dialing
  How To Change the Auto Attendant Message
  Changing the Menu Tree

4. Printing Speed-Dial Labels

Navigating to the Button Label Feature
  Running the Application
  Choosing the 3102 Phone
  Editing the Speed Dial Form
  Replacing the Form