1. Admin Server Phone

Idetifying Phone
  Admin Phone Display

2. Desktop Phone Interaction

Answering an Incoming Call
  Overview of the Page Hotkey
  Calling Another Room
  - Calling a Specific Room (Page+1+3digit#)
  - Paging A Zone (Page + 2 + zone#)
  - Bell Mode (Page + 3 + bell tone)
  - Music Mode (Page + 4 + zone#)
  Summary of Phone Codes
  Phone Codes in Detail

3. Configuring The Teracom via the Web Interface

Launching the Console
  Welcome Screen
  Toolbar Version Differences
  Navigating to Bell Schedules
  Adjusting Bell Tones
  Importing Custom Bell Tones
  Bell Tones Settings Grid
  About Events
  Events - Adding A Schedule
  Events - Adding Events to the Schedule
  Assigning Schedules to Days
  Modifying an Event for a Day
  Copying and Pasting a Schedule
  Restarting the Teradon Service after any changes (both versions)
  The Room Assignments Page - For Printing Only
  Further Support and Help

4. Accessing Teradon via VNCviewer

Launching VNC Viewer
  Limitations to using VNC Viewer as Opposed to Local Access