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Integration of highly important security business systems is more prevalent today than ever. Since the inception of CCTP (Closed Circuit over Twisted Pair), we've been providing the midsouth with quality security equipment that are managed with leading edge technology. We have partnered with manufacturers that dominate the surveillance market and are able to provide the total system solution for our customers. From the simplest to the most complex video surveillance system, our number one priority is quality.

Our Security Solutions depend entirely upon the nature of your business, location(s) and special security challenges. Our Security Executives conduct free evaluations, advising you of the possible combination of solutions for you.

Extend a secure perimeter using the latest video surveillance technology. Add real-time monitoring capability to your security initiatives with video capture and event based motion detection useful for monitoring multiple locations in office buildings, warehousing and distribution centers or on the factory floor from a centralized control center.

We offer a complete line of digital video equipment such as cameras, AutoDomes, monitors, digital recorders, multiplexers, microprocessor control switcher/controller systems, transmission systems, and other related surveillance equipment, along with exceptional technical service.

  • CCTP and CCTV digital surveillance systems
  • Access controls entry systems
  • Biometrics security systems
  • Facilities security systems












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